Josh Brennan-

Founder of

"The Drama Clubz"

"Natalie was a part time employee of mine at The Clubz.  Her role was head vocal coach. She ran warm ups with the kids, as well as coached them all the specifics that they would need to learn as vocalists.  She was enthusiastic patient and hard working.  She was able to cater to each child, working on their individual strengths and weaknesses.  She was also a great assistant with the drama based activities and was able to help out wherever needed.  A real team player."

Bloc Party / Novacub-
Louise Bartle

"Natalie has taught me more about my voice and how to control it in the past few weeks than anyone else has in my entire career. She listened to what I felt I needed to improve on and gave me a few exercises to work directly on them.

Not only has she helped me learn to project big high notes without straining, In our first lesson, she analysed my posture when I perform and noticed my neck positioning was a large part of the problem that I was having with my voice, Now I have learned to use correct posture and no longer strain my voice when I sing!

Every lesson I’ve had with Natalie has been so informative and enjoyable as she has such a fun approach to teaching.

If you’re thinking of starting singing lessons, I would highly recommend going with Natalie. She’ll give you the confidence and techniques to become the best singer you can be".


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Vocal coaching experience and Background:

I have been vocal trained by the industry's finest and well established Joshua Alamu and Jay Henry.

With the many lessons I have had since the age of thirteen, I began providing Part-Time SLS, (Speech Level Singing), Vocal Coach lessons at a beginners level. This included warm ups, physical and developmental techniques and,

“How to deliver a performance”.

I provide SLS Vocal Coaching lessons at a beginner's level. 

SLS stylistically covers genres from anything commercial to pop, rnb, soul and I sometimes throw in a bit of classical and musical theatre training exercises that I learned from previous coaches before my two consistent ones named above. 

I work with any age group but mostly experienced with children from the ages of 5-18. 

I also used to be a vocal coach and co-run an after school drama club, "The Drama Clubz" in Frith manor Primary School.

I also play the piano which comes in handy when a student needs a scale broken down into, enabling them to learn the notes individually, (particularly when practicing runs).

What I cover in my vocal lessons: 

Warming up you voice is always crucial before you sing! Here are some of my favourite techniques used /areas I focus on:

-Breath control: Teaching you how to sing correctly from your diaphragm in order to sustain the length or projection of a note.  

-Warm Up scales scales: Humming / Sirens/ Vowels, Pronounced, ‘AY EE I OH OO”. 

-Vocal Straw: Humming scales through a straw in to a bottle of water. Start at the bottom of your range and slide up to the top slowly and evenly, a light workout ideally recommended for anybody undergoing the process of vocal rehabilitation. 

-Lip Bubble/ Tongue Roll: Warms up the facial muscles and strengthens the vocal tone. I tend to run my students through various scales whilst using this technique.

-“Yawn / sigh”: If you larynx is positioned too high, this can cause a great amount of tension on your vocal-chords, causing them to seize, develop nodules or develop permanent damage. these particular exercises to avoid these circumstancing from occurring and enable them to develop a healthy vocal speaking and singing technique. 

-Jaw loosening/posture correction: Tension in any of these areas of the body can prevent you from delivering a quality vocal so I ensure that I embed the importance of this into the mindset of my student so it becomes a part of their muscle memory whilst they’re performing. 

-Pitch: I play scales on the piano for my students whilst they are warming up or learning runs, breaking down the sequences so they can hear the individual notes, helping them to develop a better ear for correct use of pitch. 

-Cord Closure: How good your vocal cords merge when you are speaking or singing-Cord closure: This helps to develop  better pronunciation of the vowels and diction of the lyrics.

-Mix Voice: There’s usually a breaking point in everybody’s vocal range where they go from using their chest voice into their head voice. I teach my students how to develop the mixed voice in between two types of voices, in aid to help them avoid the, “flipping” sound affect that they may experience whilst singing in a higher register with more power.

My Prices:

Introduction first session: 

20 mins -  £30

-We will cover your vocal range, your strengths and weaknesses/what areas of you voice to work on to achieve your vocal goals & enhance your vocal abilities. 


Private one to one vocal lessons:

60 minute Lesson: £50


Group vocal Lessons:

5X   Students: 60 minute Lesson- £250

10X Students: 60 minute Lesson - £500

15X Students: 60 minute Lesson: £750

20X Students: 60 minute Lesson: £1000

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