Natalie's Services:

Natalie has an array of services to provide. From vocal coaching to voice acting, her talents use her voice to fulfil its true potential.

Singing & Performing

I have touring and international performing experience performing solo/with a live band for clients such a Samsung, The President of Kazakstan, Wembley Stadium for the England football team, Supporting Rustle Watson at the Wildlife festival, Private Yacht party’s in Monaco to Private do’s at Windsor Castle accompanying myself on the piano. 
As well as playing many high end corporate events and performing full time in function bands for a living, I used to have a residency at Annabel's (Mayfair) and have now moved on to performing regularly at The Court Private Members Bar, (Kingley Street), where I have a residency as vocalist in the in house band. 
My most frequent clients are mostly through Weddings, Bar/Batmitzvah’s and  private functions. 
Here are some of the venues I have performed in:
-Annabel’s night club Mayfair Thursdays PM
-Supporting rustle Watson at Wildlife festival Doncaster
-Kazakstan singing for president in Government show
-Singing in England players lounge after the England vs Spain football match
-cooperate do’s at the Savoy & Hilton 
-Performing on a yacht party in Monaco
-Many many weddings and mitzvah’s (weekly)


Natalie is available to write songs for any artist who require lyrics for their songs. 

Session Singing

I have a few clients who hire me to sing on their up and coming releases. I also get asked sing on song pitches for signed artists such as Rihanna, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Ariana Grande and many more.

Vocal Coaching

I have been vocal trained by the industry's finest and well established Joshua Alamu and Jay Henry.
With the many lessons I have had since the age of thirteen, I began providing Part-Time SLS Vocal Coach lessons at a beginners level. This included warm ups, physical and developmental techniques and “how to deliver a performance”.
I provide SLS Vocal Coaching lessons at a beginner's level. 
SLS stylistically covers genres from anything commercial to pop, rnb, soul and I sometimes throw in a bit of classical and musical theatre training exercises that I learned from previous coaches before my two consistent ones named above. 
I work with any age group but mostly experienced with children from the ages of 5-18. 
I also used to be a vocal coach and co-run an after school drama club, "The Drama Clubz" in Frith manor Primary School.
I also play the piano which comes in handy when a student needs a scale broken down into, enabling them to learn the notes individually, (particularly when practicing runs)

Voice Acting

I frequently work with a voice over company, "Tom + Dick = Debbie",  that supplies children's audio educational programmes with in the U.K and the USA. 
I often get given a brief of the types of characters in the songs, i.e: "The school nurse", "Grandma" or, "Young male / female" in either a British or an American accent, (depending on the client's preference), and cater my voice to whatever I feel that characters personality portrays in their part of the song. 
I either record remotely from my home studio or partake in in-house sessions at the companies recording studio in Oxford. Check out my voice reel from some of the songs I have recorded with them. Some of the ladies who record with me in the Oxford studio have also left reviews about their experiences working with me.

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