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Singing & Performing


Natalie frequently performs at weddings, Bar/Batmitzvah’s and  private functions.

Some of the venues she has performed in:

-Annabel’s night club Mayfair Thursdays PM
-Supporting rustle Watson at Wildlife festival Doncaster
-Kazakstan singing for president in Government show
-Singing in England players lounge after the England vs Spain football match
-Cooperate do’s at the Savoy & Hilton 
-Performing on a yacht party in Monaco
-Many many weddings and mitzvah’s (weekly)


Natalie's is a versatile songwriter, predominantly Pop inspired. She topline's melodies and lyrics to the following Pop infused genres:


Her strengths lie with her strong hooks, melodies and lyrics. 

She is experienced in being incolved in writing sessions & songwriting camps for well known and respected Artists and labels, Writing to sync opportunities and Artist pitch briefs. She also produces, writes and records all of her own music from her home studio, you can listen to her music by clicking onto the Spotify icon above on this page.

Session Singing

Natalie is hired to sing on other songwriters and producers songs that they pitch to new up and coming and bigger well known artists, such as Rihanna, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Doja Cat and Ariana Grande.

She also hires out her voice to  up and coming smaller Artists music releases under the agreement of a one off paid session fee instead of being recognised as a feature Artist on their tracks. 

Vocal Coaching

Natalie provides SLS Vocal Coaching lessons at a beginner's level.  SLS stylistically covers genres from anything PoP, RnB and Soul.

Typically, Natalie works with any age group but mostly experienced with children from the ages of 5-18. 


Voice Acting

Natalie frequently works with a voice over company doing ELT for, "Tom + Dick = Debbie".  That supplies children's audio educational programmes for the U.K and the USA through companies such as Macmillan Education.

She is asked to create characters ranging from Children of all ages groups to teachers, grandparents, (both genders). 

The accents they require her to do for these jobs are predominantly British or American. 

She also records voice overs for private client’s launching campaigns, adverts, apps and many more. 

Having access to state of the art recording devices, Natalie can record remotely from her home studio. 

Entertainment Booker

Occasionally, Natalie undergoes circumstances where she has to hire out dep singers to cover her other performances on dates which she receives multiple booking enquiries for. This leads her to start developing and working as a freelance Entertainment booker for a small catering company, Turkish restaurant chains and other Live music agencies. She runs her company under the name, NRG MUSIC LTD. 


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